Pro Select Lateral Raise

The Power Lift Pro Select Lateral Raise Machine, the ultimate solution for targeting deltoids and other shoulder muscles. This high-quality selectorized resistance machine offers a low-impact, targeted workout that is perfect for anyone looking to strengthen and tone their shoulders.

With a length of 46″, width of 45″, and height of 69″, this machine is compact yet sturdy, weighing in at 725 lbs. It features a 200 lb. weight stack, allowing users of different strength levels to customize their workout. The angled axis rotation duplicates natural shoulder movement, ensuring a comfortable and effective exercise experience.

The Pro Select Lateral Raise Machine is designed with user comfort in mind. It features 3″ thick pads for optimal support and adjustable start positions for personalized workouts. The ratchet lock seat system accommodates users of all sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of individuals.

Built to last, this machine is constructed with 4″ x 3″ 7 gauge steel tubing and 3/16″ jacketed to 1/4″ Military Grade cables. All moveable joints feature ball bearings, resulting in a smoother and more fluid motion.

If you’re serious about targeting your shoulders, the Power Lift Pro Select Lateral Raise Machine is the perfect choice.

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