Flywheel Training

Desmotec's innovative flywheel training technology.

Experience the efficiency and versatility of Desmotec’s flywheel training technology. Flywheel training offers dynamic resistance for effective strength-building and rehabilitation. Discover how flywheel training is suitable for physiotherapists, trainers, rehabilitation and injury prevention programs.

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Types of Flywheel Equipment

Sport Line

Offering trainers unparalleled versatility with its lightweight, compact design. Ideal for use in limited spaces or on the go, it includes specialised sport accessories to enhance athletic performance.

Full Line

A smart array of machines designed for comprehensive evaluation. With modular equipment, including strength platforms, it provides a complete training and assessment solution for professionals seeking in-depth performance measurement.

E. Board

Innovative assessment platform suitable for both physiotherapy and sports applications. It facilitates various tests and exercises, allowing for comprehensive evaluation before training sessions commence.

Top Selection

Featuring signature features and patented solutions developed in collaboration with Pininfarina. Combining aesthetics with functionality, these devices offer unmatched versatility and ease of use.

D-SOFT Software

D.Soft, the cornerstone of Desmotec's technology, empowers users to track, monitor, and analyse real-time data, ensuring comprehensive session evaluation and progress tracking.


Designed and tested by Desmotec Academy members in Italy, accessories are tailor-made for Desmotec devices, ensuring optimal performance and functionality during training sessions.

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