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No matter the motivation or destination, find your personal best with Prime Fitness USA.

Fitness equipment that’s engineered to get you there. Whether it’s going one step further, five minutes longer, ten kilos heavier, athletes training for a championship or grandparents keeping up with grandchildren, PRIME is here to help.

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Types of equipment


Featuring the latest SmartCam tech, pull and turn micro adjustment systems, and incredible space-saving designs, the evolution range is an incredible addition to any gym.


Aptly named for the inclusion of popular features from both the Evolution & Legacy lines, the Hybrid line features the modern look of Evolution with the tried & true tubular frame of Legacy.

Plate Loaded

Featuring the SmartStrength 3-peg Torque Arm, PRIME’s Plate Loaded units offer versatility and adjustability unlike anything available on the market.


The PRIME Functional Trainer offers a nearly limitless amount of unilateral exercise options.


A range of speciality training machines to help your facility stand out from the competition.

Prime Steel

The PRIME Steel Line of racks is in a class of their own, designed with the serious training facility in mind. Features include a lock-in weight bench centring device, upper permanent & lower retractable band rods as well as a dedicated spotter entry & platform area, ample weight plate & bumper plate storage, and much more.

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