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Power Lift is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of American-made strength and conditioning equipment.

Power Lift was started in 1999 by owner and CEO Jeff Conner. Jeff had a vision to manufacture Olympic lifting platforms and strength training equipment for athletic and sports performance facilities. Since 1999, Power Lift has maintained a steady growth that has always focused on manufacturing the highest quality of strength training and weight equipment you can buy.

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Types of equipment

Rack Stations

Power Lift provides the best rack stations on the market. Their weight racks come standard with many features and offer a wide variety of attachments and custom designs.


Premium custom logos are included with every weight lifting platform, and rubber surfaces are also available. A four-layer construction and five layers of polyurethane make Power Lift’s weight lifting platforms the top platforms in high school, college and pro sports.


From dumbbell benches to Olympic incline benches, these innovative benches are designed to meet the needs of athletes.


Our innovative weight equipment is designed with the athlete in mind, and we pride ourselves on our ability to outfit athletic facilities based on a team’s unique goals.


Power Lift’s industry-leading bodyweight equipment is designed to stay stable and functional under any load, so you never have to worry about the size of an athlete or the weight on the machine.


Power Lift creates custom plyo boxes, step-up boxes, and technique boxes. They also offer high-quality metal step-up boxes that are adjustable to meet your team’s needs. Get the ultimate strength, conditioning or plyometric workout with these boxes.

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