LB Design Sled by Power Lift

The LB Design Sled, the best sled in the world for developing offensive line athletes. This sled is designed with ergonomics in mind, mimicking the function and biomechanics of a proper run block. It is the ultimate tool for strength training and skill development, bridging the gap between the weight room and on-field performance.

To build a great offensive lineman, strength must be developed in a way that translates into skill. The LB Design Sled is specifically designed to achieve this goal.

With adjustable drive handles for varied arm lengths, a dual pin carriage design, and removable weight storage towers, this sled offers versatility and convenience. It also features accessory mounting stations for pulling, pushing, and anchoring, as well as a skid-proof foot placement surface for added safety.

Customization options are available, allowing you to choose your own paint and decals.

Invest in the LB Design Sled and take your offensive line training to the next level. Contact us for customization options or orders with multiple sleds.

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