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Atlantis Strength is made by and for those who are dedicated to shaping greatness.

Atlantis was born from a desire to make the impossible happen. To push the limits of equipment in order to transcend those of the body. To create success where none existed before. To write a new chapter in the history of performance. To set a precedent, to leave a mark. And ultimately, to create legends.

When Canadian Bodybuilding champion Raymond Sansoucy built his first piece of equipment back in 1982, he had no idea his tiny company would one day become Canada’s largest commercial strength equipment manufacturer.

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Types of equipment

Choose from one of the largest and most unique lines of strength training equipment in the industry, featuring a wide range of:

Selectorised Equipment

Selectorised Strength Equipment are units that have one or more weight stacks that are attached to the frame and utilise a series of pulleys for quick and easy weight changes.

Plate Loaded Machines

Atlantis’ plate-loaded machines are renowned for their sturdiness and ability to support extremely heavy loads.

Racks & Rigs

Atlantis racks and rigs are made with both 7-gauge and 11-gauge steel beams with holes on all four sides. These systems can be configured into several types of racks and an endless variety of rig systems to suit your facility’s needs.

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