Rogers Athletic
Strength Equipment

Rogers knows one thing, STRENGTH.

Their team has worked tirelessly to develop a revolutionary line of weight training equipment for serious athletes. From their heavy-duty Pendulum Racks to the complete line of Pendulum plate loaded machines, you will find everything needed to train your athletes to their maximum potential.

Rogers Athletic is committed to manufacturing strength training equipment that promotes proper technique and is designed with safety in mind.

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Types of equipment

The toughest, most popular blocking sleds, dummies, and football training products on the market.


Practice with game-day aggressiveness on our premium line-up of blocking, tackling, and speciality sleds.


Whether you’re after a trap chute, zone chute, speed chute or something else, Rogers wide range will get your athletes low and staying low.

Dummies & Shields

Shields, stand-up dummies, and pop-up dummies, including the MVP - the world’s first mobile, self-righting tackle dummy.

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