platform ramp

Platform Ramp

The Power Lift Platform Ramp, the perfect addition to your bench setup. This ramp allows you to easily wheel your bench on and off the platform, providing convenience and ease of use. With a width of 29 1/2″ and a depth of 11″, this ramp is designed to accommodate most bench sizes. The ramp has a height of 3 1/2″, ensuring a smooth transition from the floor to the platform.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this platform ramp is built to last. Its sturdy design ensures stability and durability, allowing you to confidently move your bench without any worries. Whether you need to transport your bench for storage or simply want the flexibility to move it around your space, this ramp is the perfect solution.

Upgrade your bench setup with the Power Lift Platform Ramp and experience the convenience of easily wheeling your bench on and off the platform. Say goodbye to the hassle of lifting and carrying your bench, and say hello to effortless mobility.

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