The PRIME SW | SOLOS, the ultimate solution for optimizing your squat mechanics and achieving a natural and smooth squat like never before! With the ability to externally rotate the wedge set-up position, these squat wedges allow you to match your body’s ideal angle of the feet, resulting in improved alignment, open hips, and knees in line with the feet position.

Designed to elevate the heels during a squat, the PRIME Squat Wedges are perfect for reducing the effects of limited flexibility and mobility at the ankle, knee, and hip. Unlike traditional wedges, these wedges allow for a slight opening of the hips and widening of the feet, enabling a full range of motion from calf to knee connection.

To help you choose the right degree for your needs, we provide an educational video with N1 Education, guiding you through the selection process. Additionally, we offer a second educational video to further enhance your understanding of the benefits and usage of the SW | SOLOS.

Don’t miss out on this one-stop shopping opportunity to save $30 on all 3 SW | SOLOS. Experience the difference in your squatting technique and take your workouts to the next level with PRIME SW | SOLOS!

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