Vertical Jump Test Attachment

The Power Lift Vertical Jump Test Attachment is a must-have for any athlete or coach looking to measure vertical jumps accurately and conveniently. This attachment can be easily connected to our brace chin handles, eliminating the need for a separate system.

With its aluminum measuring bars, this attachment provides clear and easy-to-read measurements. The bars feature an alternating color scheme, making it even easier to track and compare vertical jumps.

To use this attachment, simply order it along with the Power Lift connecting brace chin handles. Once connected, you can start measuring vertical jumps with ease. Whether you are training for basketball, volleyball, or any other sport that requires explosive jumping power, this attachment will help you track your progress and improve your performance.

Don’t waste time and effort setting up a whole separate system for vertical jump testing. Get the Power Lift Vertical Jump Test Attachment and start measuring verticals conveniently and accurately.

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