Pro Select Prone Leg Curl

The Power Lift Pro Select Prone Leg Curl Machine, the ultimate solution for a more effective leg workout. Unlike other prone leg curl machines, ours is equipped with unique features that will take your training to the next level.

With a 300 lb. weight stack, this machine allows you to challenge yourself and progress at your own pace. The adjustable start position and tibia pad ensure a comfortable and customized fit for users of all sizes. The 1 1/4″ grip diameter provides a secure and comfortable grip during your workout.

Made with 4″ x 3″ 7 gauge steel tubing, this machine is built to last. The heavy weight stacks combined with 10 lb. increments accommodate users of different strength levels, making it suitable for beginners and advanced athletes alike.

Featuring 3″ thick pads for maximum user comfort, standard weight stack guards for safety, and instructional placards for easy use, this machine has it all. The ratchet lock seat system and 3/16″ jacketed to 1/4″ Military Grade cables ensure smooth and reliable motion.

Upgrade your leg workout with the Power Lift Pro Select Prone Leg Curl Machine and experience the difference for yourself.

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