Foam Plyometric Boxes

Foam Plyometric Boxes

Power Lift’s Foam Plyo Boxes, the perfect addition to any workout facility. These efficient and lightweight plyo boxes are available for purchase individually or in sets. With a slip-resistant top, there is no need for Velcro straps as the boxes stay securely in place during intense workouts. The convenient handles on both sides of the box make them easy to move around the facility, allowing for versatile use.

Coach Melendez at Horizon HS raves about these plyo boxes, stating that they do not sink on contact and remain firm even when stacked. The non-skid surfaces have proven to be durable even after multiple sets and reps.

These plyo boxes come in various sizes, ranging from 3″ to 24″, allowing for progression and customization in your workouts. The large base ensures stability during jumps, while the slip-resistant surface on top and bottom reduces the chances of stacked boxes and users from sliding. The 24″ box even features a high-density foam base for increased stability.

With the option for custom colors and logos, these Foam Plyo Boxes can be personalized to fit your facility’s branding. Plus, they come with a one-year conditional warranty for added peace of mind. Upgrade your workouts with Power Lift’s Foam Plyo Boxes today!

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