The Double Sided Preacher, a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment from PRIME. This machine stands out from the rest with its innovative 360 degree rotational elbow pad, allowing users to utilize both sides of the pad without the need to change sides or adjust weights or bars.

Handcrafted with precision and made to order, the Double Sided Preacher is proudly made in the USA. It offers a range of features including a fully rotational elbow pad and adjustable height from 40 ¼” to 51 ¼”. The machine also comes with spotter arms that have simple height adjustment, ensuring a safe and effective workout.

Please note that the Dumbbell Cradles are sold separately.

With dimensions of 51L x 33W x 52H in. (130L x 84W x 132H cm), the Double Sided Preacher is compact yet sturdy, making it suitable for any home or commercial gym. Experience the difference with PRIME and take your arm workouts to the next level with the Double Sided Preacher.

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