The Prodigy HLP Single Stack series, the ultimate compact and versatile cable station. With PRIME’s cable ratio technology, you can easily adjust the cable ratio from 2:1 to 4:1, allowing for a wide variety of exercises and explosive movements without any lag in the cable. This cable station features a high/low adjustable pulley and a stationary high pulley, providing endless attachment options and convenient storage capabilities, all in a compact footprint. The two rotational leveling pads ensure stability on different gym floor surfaces. The weight peg carriage system allows for easy adjustment of weight load by loading weight plates onto the weight pegs. This cable station comes with spotter arms/spotter bars and J-hooks for added safety. It also includes a built-in band peg for adding bands to applicable exercises. Compatible with various Prodigy attachment options like the Lat Pulldown Seat, Low Row Footplate, Dip Bar, and Single Leg Roller Pad. Please note that Prodigy Racks are only available for purchase online in the lower 48 states.


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