Bi-Lateral Leg Press

The Bi-Lateral Leg Press, a top-of-the-line fitness equipment designed to help you achieve your leg strength and muscle-building goals. With its impressive specifications, this leg press machine is built to provide you with a challenging and effective workout.

Measuring 106″ in length, 61″ in width, and 62 3/4″ in height, this leg press offers ample space for comfortable and safe exercise. Despite its sturdy construction, it weighs approximately 830 lbs., ensuring stability during intense workouts. The empty starting weight of 135 lbs. allows for easy customization and adjustment to suit your fitness level.

The Bi-Lateral Leg Press is engineered with precision and durability in mind, making it a reliable addition to any home or commercial gym. Its ergonomic design ensures proper body alignment and reduces the risk of injury. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, this leg press machine will help you target and strengthen your leg muscles effectively.

Invest in the Bi-Lateral Leg Press and take your leg workouts to the next level. Achieve your fitness goals with this exceptional piece of equipment that combines functionality, durability, and comfort.

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