Our Dumbbell Rack, the perfect storage solution for your gym or fitness center. This rack is designed to hold 20 pairs of dumbbells, providing ample space for all your workout equipment.

What sets our Dumbbell Rack apart is its unique features. The heavy-duty drawer slides, rated at an impressive 1,000 lbs, ensure durability and stability. Equipped with rollers, this rack allows for easy movement across any surface, making it convenient to rearrange your gym layout.

To keep your dumbbells secure and protected, our rack features molded plastic cradles. These cradles ensure that your dumbbells stay in place, preventing any damage or accidents. Additionally, the polished stainless steel number plates make it easy to put your dumbbells back in their proper spot, ensuring an organized and efficient workout space.

With dimensions of 97” L x 32” D x 44” H and a machine weight of 470 lbs, our Dumbbell Rack is sturdy and built to last. Invest in this high-quality rack to keep your dumbbells organized and your gym space clutter-free.


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