Uni-Lateral Prone Leg Curl

The Power Lift Uni-Lateral Prone Leg Curl machine, designed to give your athletes a targeted and balanced hamstring workout. With its adjustable ankle rolling pad and independent work arms, this machine can accommodate athletes of all sizes, ensuring a comfortable and effective exercise experience.

Measuring at a height of 36 9/32″, width of 77 1/2″, and depth of 73 5/32″, this machine is compact yet sturdy, weighing 325 lbs. It features XL pads that can fit any size athlete, providing optimal comfort during workouts. The adjustable ankle roller pads further enhance the versatility of this machine, allowing it to cater to athletes of different sizes.

The built-in weight storage adds convenience and organization to your gym space. The uni-lateral movement of the work arms enables users to focus on one leg or both legs during their exercise routine. Additionally, the handles are designed for user comfort and functionality.

With urethane foot pads as a standard feature, the Power Lift Uni-Lateral Prone Leg Curl machine is a reliable and durable addition to any gym or training facility.

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