Belt Squat

The Belt Squat, a versatile and efficient workout equipment designed to enhance your squatting routine. With its sturdy construction and compact design, this Belt Squat is perfect for any home or commercial gym.

Measuring at a depth of 61″, a height of 48″, and a width of 71″, this Belt Squat provides ample space for a comfortable and effective workout. Weighing in at 450lbs, it offers stability and durability, ensuring a safe and secure exercise experience.

Featuring a center load work arm, this Belt Squat allows for targeted muscle engagement and maximum results. Additionally, the 5 peg weight storage on each side provides convenient storage for your weights, keeping your workout area organized and clutter-free.

The large working platform of the Belt Squat accommodates various squatting styles, allowing you to customize your workout to suit your preferences and fitness goals. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, this Belt Squat is the perfect addition to your fitness routine.

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