Uni/Bi-Lateral Seated Leg Press

Power Lift?s Uni-lateral & Bi-lateral Seated Leg Press machine, the perfect addition to any facility’s lower body equipment. This machine is designed to provide athletes with a balanced and targeted lower body workout. With independent work arms, users can engage in separate leg movements simultaneously, ensuring a comprehensive workout.

Measuring 74″ in length, 82″ in width, and 60″ in height, this leg press machine is built to accommodate users of all sizes. Weighing 800 lbs., it is sturdy and durable, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Featuring adjustable seat positions, handles for user comfort, and 3″ thick pads for support, this leg press machine prioritizes user comfort. It also includes weight storage, rubber floor bumpers, and standard weight horns for added convenience.

With a low start resistance and the ability to add plates, this leg press machine can accommodate users of all fitness levels. The moveable joints with ball bearings ensure smooth and fluid movements.

Upgrade your lower body workout routine with Power Lift?s Uni-lateral & Bi-lateral Seated Leg Press machine and experience the benefits of a targeted and effective workout.

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