Full Body Squat

Power Lift’s Full Body Squat, the perfect addition to your lower body strength-training routine. This innovative machine is designed to provide a wider range of motion through the hip compared to traditional leg presses, allowing for more effective workouts. With its four bar linkage design, the Full Body Squat creates low inertia, enabling users to perform explosive movements. Adjustable shoulder pads ensure proper alignment for users of all heights, while the single leg isolator allows for targeted single leg movements.

Measuring 104″ in length, 69″ in width, and 57″ in height, this machine is built to accommodate users of all sizes. Weighing in at 850 lbs., it offers stability and durability for even the most intense workouts. The Full Body Squat also features weight storage, four-weight loading horns, band attachments, an oversized angled footplate, and urethane foot pads for added comfort and safety.

Take your lower body strength training to the next level with Power Lift’s Full Body Squat.

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