Step Up Platform

The Power Lift Rack Step Up Platform, the perfect accessory for your rack workout routine. This adjustable step-up device attaches to the rack upright, providing a large surface that is clear of obstructions. With a length of 40″, width of 14″, and height of 19″, this platform is designed to accommodate users of all sizes.

The Power Lift Rack Step Up Platform is built to last, with a solid one-piece design formed from 1/2″ steel. Its double pin design fits into two laser cut safety slots, ensuring maximum strength and safety during your workouts. The platform also features a handle that is recessed when not in use, keeping it out of the way and preventing any accidental bumps.

Safety is a top priority with this platform, as it is equipped with a flat steel plate covered with 3/8″ rubber for a non-slip surface. This ensures that you can confidently step up without worrying about slipping or losing your balance.

Upgrade your rack workout routine with the Power Lift Rack Step Up Platform and experience a new level of convenience and safety.

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