Squat / Deadlift

Power Lift?s Squat and Deadlift machine, the ultimate fitness equipment that provides the same benefits as traditional squats and deadlifts but in a controlled environment. Designed to enhance your athletes’ training experience, this machine offers multiple hand positions and a stability bar for single-leg squats, allowing for a wide range of exercises and variations.

With a length of 64″, width of 61″, and height of 44″, this machine is compact yet sturdy, weighing 290 lbs. It features weight storage, urethane foot pads, and a ratchet seat mechanism that can accommodate users of all sizes. The low start resistance can be easily adjusted by adding plates, making it suitable for all fitness levels.

The Squat and Deadlift machine also boasts 3″ thick pads for maximum user comfort and support, while its moveable joints with ball bearings ensure smooth and fluid movements. Additionally, it comes with standard weight horns and a counter balance for added convenience.

Take your athletes’ training to the next level with Power Lift?s Squat and Deadlift machine.

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