4-Way Neck

The Power Lift Pro Plate Load 4-Way Neck Machine, the ultimate equipment for strengthening the neck in four different directions. Designed to prevent injury and enhance athlete safety, this machine is a must-have for any strength and fitness facility.

With its durable construction and impressive specifications, this machine is built to last. It features a depth of 46 5/32″, a height of 66″, and a width of 62 1/2″. Weighing in at 340 lbs., it provides stability and support during workouts.

The Power Lift Pro Plate Load 4-Way Neck Machine is equipped with several convenient features. It includes 2 peg weight storage on the work arms and 3 peg weight storage on the non-work arms, allowing for easy access to weights. The urethane foot pads provide a comfortable and secure grip, while the oversized adjustable seat pad ensures a customized fit.

With its contoured face pads and adjustable chest pad, this machine offers maximum comfort and support. The cam-and-belt design allows for smooth and controlled movements, ensuring a safe and effective workout. Strengthen your neck muscles and prevent injury with the Power Lift Pro Plate Load 4-Way Neck Machine.

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