Pro Select Seated Chest Press Machine

The Power Lift Pro Select Seated Chest Press Machine, the perfect equipment for athletes who want to focus on their chest workouts in a comfortable and low-resistance setting. This machine is designed to isolate the chest muscles and provide a smooth and seamless workout experience.

With our heavy weight stacks that work in 10 lb. increments, athletes of different strength levels can easily adjust the resistance to suit their needs. The machine also features ball bearing joints, ensuring smooth and fluid movement throughout the workout.

Measuring at 37″ in length, 67″ in width, and 82″ in height, this machine is compact yet sturdy, weighing 950 lbs. It comes with a 300 lb. weight stack, adjustable start positions, and flip out handles for easy entry and exit.

Other notable features include a ratchet lock seat system to accommodate users of all sizes, 3″ thick pads for user comfort, and standard weight stack guards for added safety. The machine also comes with instructional placards for guidance.

Experience a superior chest workout with the Power Lift Pro Select Seated Chest Press Machine.

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