Pro Select Pec Fly

The Power Lift Pro Select Pec Fly Machine, the perfect addition to any fitness facility. This low-impact machine is designed to target the chest muscles, providing a challenging workout for users of all strength levels. With 10 lb. weight increments, it can easily accommodate various fitness levels, while the 300 lb. weight stack ensures even the strongest individuals are challenged.

Measuring 53″ in length, 41″ in width, and 67″ in height, this machine is compact yet sturdy, weighing 720 lbs. It features adjustable start positions, 4″ x 3″ 7 gauge steel tubing for durability, and 3″ thick pads for user comfort. The ratchet lock seat system allows for easy adjustment to accommodate users of all sizes.

With standard weight stack guards and instructional placards, this machine is safe and user-friendly. The 3/16″ jacketed 1/4″ Military Grade cables and ball bearings on all moveable joints ensure a smooth and fluid motion.

Enhance your facility with the Power Lift Pro Select Pec Fly Machine and provide your members with an effective and comfortable chest workout.

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