Preacher Curl Bench

Our Preacher Curl Bench, designed specifically for athletes who prioritize preacher curls in their training routine. At Power Lift, we understand the importance of targeting the biceps effectively, which is why we have created this dedicated bench for this exercise.

Our Preacher Curl Bench is equipped with weight storage, allowing you to conveniently store your weights and keep your workout area organized. The adjustable seat ensures that athletes of all sizes can comfortably perform their curls, promoting proper form and maximizing results.

With a length of 47 27/32″, a height of 36 1/2″, and a width of 29 17/32″, our bicep curl bench provides ample space for athletes to perform their exercises comfortably. Despite its sturdy construction, weighing in at 120 lbs., our bench is easy to move and transport as needed.

Invest in our Preacher Curl Bench and provide your athletes with a reliable and functional piece of equipment that will help them achieve their bicep training goals.

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