Olympic Incline Bench

Power Lift?s Olympic Incline Bench Press, a top-of-the-line fitness equipment that guarantees optimal performance and comfort for athletes. This bench press is comparable to our Olympic Flat Bench, offering the same level of quality and functionality.

Featuring a five-peg weight storage, athletes can conveniently store their weights during workouts. The spotter’s area ensures safety and support during intense lifting sessions. The adjustable bar catch with gas assist allows for easy customization and precise positioning.

The bench is finished with high-quality 2″ Naugahyde upholstered foam pads, providing maximum comfort and durability. The one-handed adjustable seat offers four seat height adjustments, ensuring athletes can sit comfortably and maintain proper form while using the machine.

With a depth of 50 7/8″ and a width of 70 1/2″, this bench press provides ample space for athletes of all sizes. Weighing 290 lbs., it is sturdy and built to withstand heavy use.

Experience the benefits of a 45-degree incline angle, allowing for targeted muscle engagement and enhanced workout results.

Invest in the Power Lift?s Olympic Incline Bench Press and take your training to the next level.

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