Posterior Chain Developer

The Power Lift Posterior Chain Developer, a revolutionary workout machine that combines the benefits of a glute ham bench and reverse back extension. This space efficient machine is designed to utilize your athlete’s bodyweight for posterior chain development, helping them achieve weighted posterior chain lifts or aid in recovery.

With its wide range of versatile applications, the Power Lift Posterior Chain Developer has exceeded all expectations of the Strength and Conditioning Staff at the University of Texas. It can be incorporated into warm ups, auxiliary work, and lift sessions, making it an essential piece of strength and conditioning equipment for staff and coaches everywhere.

This machine comes in two sizes: Standard and XL, and features bi-lateral and uni-lateral movement with locking movement arms. It also includes a removable center pad, multiple ankle strap positions, tilt-engage wheels, and premium heavy duty upholstery and padding. Made in the U.S.A., the Power Lift Posterior Chain Developer is a top-quality product that is built to last.

Please note that the optional Nylon Strap Handles are not included. Additionally, a riser kit is available for both standard and XL models, raising the machine an additional 3″ in height, making it ideal for basketball facilities.

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