Multi-Functional Pulley Unit

The Multi-Functional Pulley Unit, the ultimate space-saving machine for all your fitness needs. This versatile unit is available in three different options: free standing, wall mounted, or rack mounted, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your space.

The Multi-Functional Pulley Unit features dual handles, providing a variety of exercise options. With a 600 lb. weight stack and a 4:1 resistance ratio when using one handle, or a 2:1 resistance ratio when using both handles, you can customize your workout to suit your strength and fitness level.

With 16 adjustment positions, chin and dip handles, and a t-bar ankle attachment, this unit offers endless possibilities for resistance training. The combination of the chin/dip handles allows for a resisted movement, targeting specific muscle groups.

Made with high-quality materials, including 11 gauge steel and military-grade cables, this unit is built to last. The weight stack features 20 lb. increments with a 5 lb. add-on weight, allowing for gradual progression.

Experience smooth operation and reduced vibration with rubber bumpers and free-floating bushings. The Multi-Functional Pulley Unit is the perfect addition to any home or commercial gym.

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