Dumbbell Rack

Power Lift?s Dumbbell Racks, the perfect solution for organizing and storing your dumbbells. Available in both 2 and 3 tier configurations, these racks are designed to accommodate either 10 or 15 pairs of dumbbells respectively.

What sets Power Lift DB Saddles apart is their unique construction. Made with a steel core and coated with a durable Plastisol coating, these saddles are built to last. The 2 bolt anchoring system ensures stability and security, giving you peace of mind during your workouts.

In addition to their exceptional quality, Power Lift DB Saddles also come with a limited lifetime conditional warranty, guaranteeing their performance and durability.

With dimensions of 27 15/32″ in depth, 37 1/5″ in height, and 97 1/4″ in length, these dumbbell racks are designed to fit perfectly in any gym or home workout space.

Choose the 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack (Part # 33055C) or the 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack (Part #33037C) and experience the convenience and organization that Power Lift?s Dumbbell Racks provide.

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