Thick Bars

Power Lift?s Thick Bars, the ultimate solution to enhance grip strength and target hand muscles during athletes? regular training sessions. These fat bars are specifically designed to provide a challenging workout experience, whether it’s deadlifts, presses, or cleans.

Available in three different sizes, these bars offer varying levels of difficulty to suit individual preferences and fitness goals. The 2″ thick bar weighs 20 lbs. when empty, the 2.5″ thick bar weighs 35 lbs., and the 3″ thick bar weighs 53 lbs. Each bar is meticulously crafted from ASTM hot rolled material with a wall thickness of .134 inches, ensuring durability and longevity.

Featuring a sleek wrinkle coat black powder coat finish, these bars not only deliver exceptional performance but also exude a professional and stylish look. With Power Lift?s Thick Bars, athletes can take their training to the next level, improving grip strength and maximizing muscle engagement. Invest in these top-quality bars today and witness the remarkable difference in your workouts.

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