Dual Stack Functional Training Unit

Power Lift’s Dual Stack Functional Training Unit, the perfect addition to any strength and fitness facility. This equipment piece is designed to provide ample resistance for core movements, with its 2-200 lb weight stacks and 2:1 resistance ratio.

The DSFT offers versatility with its sixteen adjustable handle positions and 270-degree rotation capability. It also includes a rotating chin handle, steel weight stack guards, accessory storage, and two nylon handles for added convenience.

With a depth of 38″, width of 74 7/8″, and height of 96″, this unit is compact yet spacious enough to accommodate various exercises.

The dual adjustable cable columns allow for a wide range of exercises, targeting different muscle groups. The accessory handle storage ensures that all your equipment is within reach, while the steel weight stack shields provide safety during workouts.

For those looking to increase the resistance, additional weight can be added in 100 lb increments.

Upgrade your fitness facility with Power Lift’s Dual Stack Functional Training Unit and experience the ultimate workout experience.

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