Multi-Angle Dumbbell Bench

The Power Lift Multi-Angle Dumbbell Bench, the ultimate addition to your workout routine. This versatile bench is designed to be used in the supplemental lift area, creating a multi-functional lifting station.

Our Multi-Angle Dumbbell Bench is packed with unique features that set it apart from the rest. With our patent-pending linkage system, you can say goodbye to the annoying gap between the back pad and seat. This ensures a comfortable and secure workout every time.

Not only does this bench offer six adjustable lifting angles for the back pad and seat, but it also comes with wheels and a handle for easy transportation. No more struggling to move heavy equipment around your gym. With Thermo Cushion wheels and a convenient handle, you can effortlessly maneuver this bench wherever you need it.

With a height of 19″, a depth of 49 3/4″, a width of 30 1/8″, and weighing in at 110 lbs., this bench is sturdy and built to last. Take your workouts to the next level with the Power Lift Multi-Angle Dumbbell Bench.

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