Laser Cut Banner Sign

Power Lift?s Custom Laser Cut Logos, the perfect solution to showcase your brand on your equipment. Made from high-quality 7 gauge steel backing plates and 20 gauge steel color plates, these logos are built to last. The laminated, powder-coated steel logo plates create a stunning 3D color image that will catch everyone’s attention.

With the flexibility to be single or double-sided, these logos can be mounted on top of a custom or standard connecting brace design, incorporated into a connecting bridge system, or added to the rear brace design for Power Rack stations. They can also be easily mounted on top of Dual Grip Chin Handles.

The specifications for these logos vary depending on the mounting option chosen. The connecting bridge sign has a maximum height of 20″ and the width will vary based on the logo. The rack-mounted sign has a maximum width of 43″ and the height will vary depending on the logo. For the Dual Grip Chin Handle version, the maximum height is 20″ and the width will also vary based on the logo.

Enhance your equipment and promote your brand with Power Lift?s Custom Laser Cut Logos.

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