Deadlift/Trap Bar

Power Lift?s Deadlift/Trap Bar, the ultimate bar designed specifically for deadlifts. This bar is a game-changer for your athletes, offering three grip sizes of 1.25?, 1.5?, and 2? to cater to their individual needs. With a weight of 90 lbs when empty, this bar is sturdy and built to last.

What sets this deadlift bar apart is its unique design that allows for easy loading and unloading of plates while the bar is on the ground. No more struggling to lift heavy weights onto the bar!

The deadlift trap bar can handle a maximum load of up to 1,000 lbs, making it perfect for athletes of all levels. The bar sleeve measures 13 ?? in length, allowing you to load up to 8-45 lb plates on each sleeve.

With a length of 72? and a depth of 36?, this bar provides ample space for your athletes to perform deadlifts comfortably. It also features standard floor bumpers to protect your gym floor.

Manufactured in the USA, Power Lift?s Deadlift/Trap Bar is the ultimate choice for serious athletes looking to take their deadlifts to the next level.

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