PowerBlock Storage

The PowerBlock Storage Station, the perfect addition to your Power Lift Rack station. With this innovative storage solution, you can now have a truly all-in-one training station. The angled design of the storage station allows you to conveniently store 1 or 2 pairs of PowerBlock DB’s, as well as the expansion handles for the heavier sets.

Say goodbye to cluttered workout spaces and hello to organized and efficient training sessions. The PowerBlock Storage Station not only keeps your equipment neatly stored, but it also ensures easy access and quick retrieval during your workouts. No more wasting time searching for your dumbbells or handles!

Made with high-quality materials, this storage station is built to last. Its sturdy construction guarantees durability and stability, providing you with a reliable storage solution for years to come. Plus, its sleek and compact design adds a touch of elegance to your training area.

Upgrade your Power Lift Rack station with the PowerBlock Storage Station and experience the convenience and efficiency of having all your training essentials in one place.

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