Collegiate Series Dumbbell Bench

The Power Lift Collegiate Series Multi Angle Dumbbell Bench, the ultimate workout bench for all your fitness needs. This bench features 6 adjustable back pad angles and 3 adjustable seat pad angles, allowing you to customize your workout to target different muscle groups. The bench is designed for ease of use, with wheels and a front handle for easy movement and storage in an upright position. The minimal gap between the back and seat pad ensures maximum comfort and stability during your workout. The locking rail reduces the chances of the back pad becoming disengaged, providing added safety. The bench is made with high-quality materials, including X-Trax rubber footplates and a durable upholstery and pad. It also comes with user-friendly adjustment handles and is available in a range of standard frame and upholstery colors. Take your fitness routine to the next level with the Power Lift Collegiate Series Multi Angle Dumbbell Bench.

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