Collegiate Series 3 x 3 Half Rack

The Collegiate Series 3 x 3 Half Rack, the latest addition to our Power Lift Rack Line. This rack is designed based on feedback from strength and conditioning professionals worldwide, ensuring it meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Manufactured from 11 gauge steel and featuring 1″ hardware, this rack is built to withstand heavy use and provide long-lasting durability. The uprights are equipped with holes on all four sides, allowing for versatile attachment options.

The Collegiate Series Rack is compatible with various Power Lift rack attachments, including Dip Attachments, High Rotation Attachments, Rotating Utility Pads, and Utility Arms. You can also upgrade your rack station with the optional “Rhino Hook” Bar Catches and Dual Grip Chin Handles for added convenience and versatility.

With a height of 84″, 95″, or 108″, a width of 71 1/2″, and a depth of 53″, this rack provides ample space for a variety of exercises. It weighs 400 lbs. and features 1 1/2″ Chin Handles, 1″ hardware, and Bar Catch protected with HDPE. Additionally, it includes 8 Adjustable/Angled Weight Storage Pegs with End Caps for convenient weight storage.

Experience the ultimate in strength training with the Collegiate Series 3 x 3 Half Rack.

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