High Row

Power Lift?s High Row Machine, the perfect addition to any athlete?s workout routine. This guided system provides the feel of free weights while offering stability and a challenging workout. Designed to work the major muscles in the back, this machine improves balance and control, helping athletes reach their full potential.

With adjustable pieces, this machine can be easily customized to fit any athlete, reducing setup time and ensuring a comfortable workout experience. The independent diverging work arms allow for a wide range of motion, targeting specific muscle groups effectively. The ratchet lock seat adjustment and adjustable chest and thigh pads provide additional support and comfort.

Measuring 74″ in length, 57″ in width, and 79″ in height, this machine is compact yet sturdy, weighing 430 lbs. The low starting resistance and ability to add plates make it suitable for athletes of all fitness levels. The 3″ thick pads and urethane foot pads offer maximum comfort and support during workouts.

Invest in Power Lift?s High Row Machine and take your athlete?s training to the next level.

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