Utility / Jammer Arm Attachment

The Power Lift Utility / Jammer Arms, the ultimate accessory for your Power Lift rack stations. With these versatile arms, you can perform a wide range of pushing and pulling movements, taking your workouts to the next level.

The Utility / Jammer Arms are fully adjustable, allowing users of all sizes to find the perfect fit. Whether you’re tall or short, these arms can be easily moved along the length of the upright to accommodate your needs.

With the innovative “Rhino Hook” Bar Catches, you can attach your barbell to the arms and perform barbell movements without the hassle of removing the attachments. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on your workout.

Please note that the Bar Catches need to be secured or removed before performing pushing or pulling movements with the arms. Safety is our top priority, so make sure to follow the instructions for a safe and effective workout.

Choose from three different options: Standard, Reverse, or 3×3, depending on your specific requirements. Upgrade your Power Lift rack stations with the Power Lift Utility / Jammer Arms and experience a whole new level of fitness.

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