Spotter Platforms – Folding

Power Lift?s Folding Spotter Platforms, the perfect addition to your workout routine. These platforms are similar to standard spotter platforms, but with a twist. Featuring oversized platforms, they provide a stable and secure surface for your workouts. What sets them apart is the gas shock assistance, which allows for easy raising and lowering into position.

With a length of 24 7/32″ and a width of 12 7/16″, these platforms offer ample space for your exercises. The distance in between is 15 3/4″, ensuring enough room for comfortable movement. When combined, the length reaches 40 5/8″.

Weighing in at 50 lbs., these platforms are sturdy and durable. They easily fold down for use and fold up when not in use, making them convenient for any space.

Whether you have a home gym or a commercial facility, these Folding Spotter Platforms are available for all racks. Upgrade your workout experience with Power Lift?s Folding Spotter Platforms today.

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