The Quick Connect Collar by PRIME, the ultimate solution for transforming your free weight-oriented barbell and curl bar exercises into cable exercises in a matter of seconds. No more hassle of switching equipment or adjusting weights, simply attach the Quick Connect Collars to your barbell or curl bar and experience the versatility of cable exercises.

Sold in pairs, these collars feature an easy-to-use safety screw system, ensuring a secure and stable connection. The Quick Connect Collars also offer the option to add chains, allowing you to further customize your workout and increase resistance if desired.

Designed to fit sleeves ranging from 1.90” to 2.03”, these collars are compatible with most standard barbells and curl bars. They also accommodate various chain sizes, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect combination for your training needs.

With a maximum load capacity of 300lbs per carabiner, the Quick Connect Collars are built to withstand intense workouts and heavy weights. Upgrade your exercise routine and unlock a whole new level of training possibilities with the Quick Connect Collar by PRIME.


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