Linear Bar Storage - 10 Bar

Linear Bar Storage – 10 Bar

The Linear 10 Bar Storage Unit, the perfect solution for organizing and storing your Olympic or speciality bars. With its space-saving linear format, this storage unit allows you to maximize your storage capacity without taking up valuable floor space.

Measuring at a height of 12 3/4″, a depth of 24 1/4″, and a width of 71″, this storage unit provides ample space to accommodate up to 10 bars. Whether you have Olympic bars, specialty bars, or a combination of both, this storage unit can handle it all.

Made from durable materials, this storage unit is built to last. With a weight of 65 lbs, it is sturdy enough to hold your bars securely in place, ensuring they stay organized and protected.

Say goodbye to cluttered workout spaces and hello to a neat and organized gym with the Linear 10 Bar Storage Unit. Invest in this space-saving solution today and enjoy the convenience of having all your bars easily accessible and neatly stored.

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