Lever Action Bench

The Lever Action Bench, a versatile and essential addition to your workout routine. This bench is designed to be compatible with all Power Lift Multi Racks and can also be added to other Power Lift racks.

Featuring our patented linkage system, the seat angle automatically adjusts when the back pad angle is adjusted, ensuring optimal comfort and support during your workout. With six adjustable lifting angles on the back pad and seat, you can customize your incline bench press workout to target different muscle groups.

The extended spotter’s platforms provide a natural position for spotting, enhancing safety and stability. The linear bearing slide adjustment allows for frictionless seat adjustments, and the easy-to-reach lever makes it convenient to change settings.

Measuring 19″ in height and 33 1/4″ in width, this bench is compact yet sturdy, weighing 150 lbs. The thermo-cushion bench wheels protect any flooring surface, making it suitable for use in any environment.

Unlock your full potential with the Lever Action Bench and experience a more efficient and effective workout.

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