Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combo

The Atlantis Strength Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combo machine is the ultimate solution for building strength, endurance, and definition in your lower body.

This dual-function unit allows you to perform leg extensions and leg curls with minimal biomechanical compromise between the two positions, ensuring a natural and effective movement pattern. With an adjustable backrest and seat, you can customise your positioning for your desired movement and achieve maximum results with minimal strain.

Thanks to its pull-pin mechanism, you can easily switch from leg extensions to lying leg curls, making this machine a versatile and efficient addition to any gym or home fitness space. And with a self-aligning roller pad that adapts to users of all sizes, you won’t have to worry about manual adjustments or discomfort during your workout.

Measuring 70.5″ or 179 cm when the legs are fully extended and the backrest is laid down, this machine is the perfect space saver for any fitness facility. Invest in the Atlantis Strength Leg Extension/Leg Curl Combo machine today and experience the ultimate leg workout.

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