Converging Incline Bench Press

Get ready to build a stronger, more defined chest with the Atlantis Strength Converging Incline Bench Press machine!

Designed to replicate the feeling of a free weight workout, this machine features independent lever arms that converge at a 30-degree angle, giving you a more natural and efficient movement pattern. With a starting resistance of 9 kg/20 lb for each arm, you can adjust the weight to suit your needs and fitness goals.

Thanks to its spring-assisted linkage arms, you can easily select your desired range of motion and achieve maximum results with minimal strain. And with standard weight storage horns, you won’t have to worry about investing in additional weight trees or storage units for your gym or fitness facility.

From seasoned athletes to working-out newbies, the Atlantis Strength Converging Incline Bench Press machine is the perfect addition to any chest training routine.

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