Connecting Bridge System

The Power Lift Connecting Bridge, the ultimate solution for maximizing space within your training facility. This innovative system spans from one area of the room to another, creating a seamless connection between different training zones.

The Connecting Bridge Systems are anchored on either side by Power Lift rack stations, ensuring stability and durability. With lengths ranging from 12? to 32? and the option to choose between 1, 2, or 3 lanes in width, you can customize the bridge to fit your available space perfectly.

Choose from popular lane choices such as the 1.5? ladder, high low ladder, variable hand diameter, and angled lanes to cater to your specific training needs. Additionally, optional attachments like neutral handle pegs, finger grip pull up bars, climbing grips, and custom signage allow for further customization and personalization.

Not only does the Power Lift Connecting Bridge provide a functional connection between areas, but it also offers additional pull-up stations and a dedicated area for shoulder mobility work. Take your training facility to the next level with the Power Lift Connecting Bridge.

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