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UltraSlide is a unique piece of fitness equipment that has benefitted teams, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and rehabilitation patients worldwide.

Professional and collegiate strength and conditioning coaches rely on UltraSlide for lateral training, agility, and core stabilising workouts. Sports Medicine professionals depend on UltraSlide for various rehabilitations, most notably ACL. Fitness professionals, personal trainers, and home fitness enthusiasts have found UltraSlide to be a fun, challenging, lower-body workout and a highly effective functional training tool.

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Types of equipment

From small personal boards to the brand new Octagon board, Ultraslide offers many variations of its slideboards to suit different users and their goals.

Sports Performance

Whether it’s soccer or rugby, baseball or softball, basketball or netball, American football or Australian rules football, ice hockey or field hockey, running or swimming, UltraSlide is the go-to sports training slideboard for effective lateral agility and core stability training and conditioning.


The UltraSlide fitness slideboard provides a highly effective, challenging, and fun aerobic workout. Our exercise slideboard is a one-of-a-kind product, allowing you to move laterally, training your muscles in an entirely new way.

Physical Therapy

UltraSlide is a staple in physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities, from professional sports teams to private practice clinics to hospitals. Sliding on the UltraSlide is a low-impact, closed chain functional exercise that emphasises the frontal plane movement that is so critical for return to play and daily activities. Using the physical therapy slideboards also improves strength, balance, coordination, core strength, and proprioception.

UltraSlide Products

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